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TSA grope-gate, peeping toms…X-ray vision super villains or champions of national security?

by on Nov.24, 2010, under Local News

The latest problem with TSA’s grope-gate is that now they have been challenged if their security is doing anything but annoy travelers. After all, authorities at the Israeli airports, which are known to have the best security in the world have spoken plainly about the reasons they do not use such invasive and random screening methods at their Airports. And what Airports face more danger from would be suicide bombers and terrorists than Israeli aiports?

So why don’t the Israelis use TSA milliwave or X-ray body scanners? According to them, its because it doesn’t really work. They quickly point out that the best security measure is having properly trained airport security screeners who know what they’re doing. They even point out why we’ve opted against this common sense approach in the US, its because its so politically incorrect to “profile” people in the US. They on the other hand have no problem acknowledging that their security methods are based on specialized profiling. Israeli airport security scanners are very well trained to spot anything unusual, instead of blindly wasting time randomly strip searching 5 to 7 year old kids as in the United States (see other articles about parents decrying their children’s ‘thorough’ screening), they don’t just send every 10th traveler to be groped all over, they are very selective.

But if we are unable to accept that ‘profiling’ is very efficient then perhaps we should be willing to suffer the inconvenience of seemingly retarded practices. Many have now spoken out challenging the TSA to show some proof that their invasive body scanning or groping have done anything to help national security. Careless searching of some travelers have left some drenched in their own urine and humiliation. But again perhaps this is the price we have chosen to play by our politically correct stance on various profiling techniques that had always proven most efficient in the past.

We used to have that saying that if it smells like a frog, looks like a frog, jumps like a frog, then perhaps it IS a frog! Replace frog with anything you like from schmuck to terrorist…It seems we like to use statistical analysis ‘everywhere’ except for National Security.

Solutions to this mess are obvious, just as there is a no-fly watch list, there should be some flying ‘white-list’ and perhaps there is but only for dignitaries and the rich and wealthy and the big politicians which only needs to be expanded to include some of the patriotic little guys like us also…Let’s face it no one enjoys being groped or having someone look at naked pictures of them at the airport. Guys don’t want some other guy groping around their lower half and neither do women and the alternative though it may end up being more unsafe may be the less humiliating path. Its funny that you no longer have to worry about peeping toms with their IR camera filters trying to take naked pictures of you at the beach, now you’re supposed to cooperate with the TSA to have such nude body scans taken and apparently ‘stored’ and viewed by who knows how many people in the name of national security. And though we’re told these x-rays are so weak that they shouldn’t pose a cancer risk, what about frequent flyers and their compounded risks taking in consideration also their additional bombardment from cosmic rays while flying at such high altitudes?

For a long time we were told x-rays from CT scans were completely safe, now we hear that CT scans have caused cancers, this has been proven. There is now an admitted risk for cancer from full body CT scans. How long till we start hearing similar health risks from TSA airport body scanners?

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TSA lied with impunity, airport body scan images can and are stored after all…so smile you’re on candid camera, naked

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Local News

The TSA had claimed that electronic body scan images “cannot be stored or recorded,” and yet apparently tens of thousands of them made their way magically onto federal police agencies systems. These full body scanners, some using millimeter wave technology others backscatter X-rays, are now found in airports all over. You may have gone through them without even knowing it and been photographed nude practically.

Recently, some doctors and medical scientists, even some involved in the pioneering work of this technology now say that there are health risks to these scanners not just privacy issues… (see previous posts here..)

Ironically, there’s no major apology about “sex, lies, and videotape”. The TSA and the government seem to assume that everyone understood when they said images cannot be stored or recorded, that it actually meant that OF COURSE they WILL be recorded and stored! So no need to apologize because it should have been obvious from the get-go! They laugh because apparently they can do whatever they want and no one can stop them…”let them eat cake”…(just bread and games/entertainment will be the end of all…)

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Airport full body scanning, tsa and others using millwave x-rays, new NudeAirLines billed the safest!

by on Dec.31, 2009, under Local News

Ok, well maybe there isn’t a NudeAmericanAirline company formed yet ready to fly you into the mile high club, but just wait, after all wouldn’t it be much safer traveling when everyone’s in their birthday suits?
TSA body scanning (see through clothes)
Full body scanning has become a common term these days, partly because (continue reading…)

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